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The restructuring is not only confined to keeping a check on the lackadaisical attitude of the agency but also to upgrade the technology being used.
Regular readers will know that I don't use the word lackadaisical lightly, mainly because it's fiendishly difficult to spell.
With such a lackadaisical attitude, I would be interested to know what standards Sarah Evans holds her own staff to.
The first animated spot kicks off the beginning of summer with the introduction of "Humphrey Hound," a lackadaisical dog who springs to life when tempted with the Baskin-Robbins June Flavor of the Month, Baseball Nut ice cream.
A lackadaisical Elliot lets Archie take the blame when Nancy finds Charlie playing with his legal ecstasy tablets.
He said: "We played well in the first 15 minutes but then we became lackadaisical.
If there was someone here who was just happy to sit on the bench then maybe I would get a bit lackadaisical.
And with regard to our attitude to politicians, we Indians even here in Bahrain display a lackadaisical approach in choosing our leaders who manage our money and affairs.
Katherine Heigl reflects the vulnerability and confusion of her career girl, while Seth Rogen slowly reveals the caring side to his lackadaisical dreamer.
And a new school board has taken office, having ousted its lackadaisical predecessor.
Following a period of relatively lackadaisical activity, mergers and acquisitions in the newsletter and specialized-information industry blossomed this past month.
Takkinen offered that the reason for the lackadaisical approach boils down to one word--laziness.