lacking confidence

See: hesitant
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In the Alpha League, Paraclete won its second consecutive Southern Section championship last season with a team coach Steve Hagerty described as lacking confidence.
Players and supporters are still lacking confidence after relegation, and I could sense the relief.
Mia Hamm, who did not score in her fourth consecutive game, and who has admitted to lacking confidence on penalty kicks, made a decisive move this time, putting the Americans up 4-3 and jumping relievedly into the arms of her teammates.
We are lacking confidence,'' said winger Craig Johnson, one of several Kings to have good chances turned aside by Phoenix goalie Nikolai Khabibulin.
Sweden, Poland and France, by contrast, mark themselves the most as completely lacking confidence.
I don't think we are lacking confidence, it's about teamwork," the Dutchman said.
SMALL firms are lacking confidence following the general election, according to business leaders in Coventry and Warwickshire.
He said: "We are lacking confidence and we are finding it hard to get in behind teams.
The survey also found 60 per cent said being unhappy with their bodies was the main reason for lacking confidence.
We were a team full or confidence in the first half, then we panicked after the penalty and we were a team lacking confidence in the second.
And though no one would accuse Herbert Blomstedt - guest-conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic this weekend - of lacking confidence, his manner is unusually modest for a conductor.
They are maybe lacking confidence a bit and we are brimming with confidence at the moment, so hopefully we can take that into tonight's game.