lacking enthusiasm

See: nonchalant
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Which 13-letter word, beginning and ending in L, means lacking enthusiasm and determination?
Oxford have drawn three home games in the last week and could be excused for lacking enthusiasm for this long trip in the middle of such a packed schedule.
CALL MY ARIES LINE TO HEAR MORE 09044 700 721 There is plenty to do but you may be lacking enthusiasm.
TAURUS (April 21-May 21) There is plenty to do but you may be lacking enthusiasm.
You are probably not lacking enthusiasm, in fact, the problem may be that you want to go faster than events will allow.
Glover certainly can't be accused of lacking enthusiasm.
FERNANDO TORRES has admitted he was lacking enthusiasm at Liverpool and that things "looked black" before he joined Chelsea on transfer deadline day.
Busy with his medical activities and lacking enthusiasm for bicycling, John was pleased to let Ruth attend the bicycle meetings for him.
He publicly criticised them for lacking enthusiasm and determination in last weekend's disappointing goalless draw with Inverness Caley Thistle.
Last October's preliminary document accused senior politicians of lacking enthusiasm for citizenship ceremonies introduced by the Government just four years ago.
After leaving school in 2003 without any GCSEs, 17-year-old Jamie, from Warwick, was lacking enthusiasm, motivation and any sense of direction.
Lacking enthusiasm, you may have difficulty performing your day-to-day duties.