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George Shevtsov plays a laconic and deadly Croatian killer for hire who seems to owe his dress sense to the Clint Eastwood of Coogan's Bluff.
Sir Terry's typical laconic comment about "30 years without a proper job" suggests that Roy found the slot as easy to complete as it was easy on the ear.
Bulgaria's new President Rosen Plevneliev must be a unifying factor for the Bulgarian nation, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov stated in a laconic comment after Plevneliev was formally sworn into office Thursday.
Such is the laconic speech and Pavlov's reflex of this government and its messengers.
Admittedly, the plot is predictable and many big screen teenagers have stumbled and fallen just like the laconic hero of Wiesen's imagination.
Bowie's Jareth is a laconic despot (save for musical interludes), who rules over his kingdom in a mullet crown, jester's blouse and very tight pants.
His laconic tales of a former career in teaching coupled w ith a heady mix of hilarious vocal impressions ensured this particular Christmas cracker ended with a bang.
In a typically melancholic tone, the Berlin-based artist tells laconic stories of life and fate.
And then there's Chris Connel's fantastic Shearer, the laconic hard man, the Clint-style gunslinger of Darras Hall.
Characters as diverse as Billy Hughes, Francis de Groote, Ned Kelly and Lola Montez are presented in a laconic and irreverent style.
Asked to put himself in Cowen and Lenihan's position to stop the recession becoming a depression, he stuck to his laconic Apprentice-style comments.
The newlyweds issued a laconic statement, saying only that they tied the knot "in the presence of their families in the strictest privacy"