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Ruiz was the architect, catching Rangel lying deep behind the rest of his back four to send the former Manchester United man clear to laconically round Vorm and slot into an empty net.
Fred later served with the Signals in the Korean War, seeing "some hairy action", as he laconically puts it.
He said laconically that he will brief them on another occasion on "the national priorities" of his government.
I used to shoot at everything," he said laconically, "certainly not just military targets.
The Bible relates laconically that Jacob arrived at Shechem shalem--whole (Gen.
In an interview with the Suddeutsche Zeitung, published on 22 March, Almunia was cited as saying - quite laconically - that "the last hurdles have been cleared.
Lead surveyor and KPMG's national forensic director, Camilla Singh, hailed the lower member-fraud percentage as an achievement for the industry, but laconically described the healthcare provider fraud spike as 'really interesting'.
Soames laconically confesses in voiceover," Like a good American I kept my head down and remained neutral.
When I mentioned the bad historic connotation of the expression, he laconically replied: "the army has enough to deal with.
In other words: there's no reverse gear," says Ernst, who is also a professor at the University of Zurich, laconically.
As the CAMRA guide states laconically, the Albion is "a music venue on Saturday night, but, if you don't like music, you can go and play in the park opposite".
This also applies lo his latest artistic accomplishment, released by the prestigious EMI label and laconically titled "Masek / Martinu", in which Michal Masek strives to link Martinu's musical and visual legacies.