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The poem's webb of images and symbols, its imbedded conceit, is far too complex to more than touch on here save to remark on how she exploits the sonnet's laconicism to image the inseparability of pain and pleasure, the dualism of fecundity and sterility the speaker experiences.
For ubhayatobhaga-vimukta the meaning provided, "beiderseits erlost," is uninformative (a laconicism that is only partly compensated for by a reference in parentheses to L.
After a stretch of novel production, he returned to the short-story genre with Husdjur (1986), and he showed what he could do with the novella in Resor (1988); to date Charlie Boy is his masterpiece in compressed prose, a compression for which his gifts are perfectly suited: laconicism, implication, the unspoken invitation to the reader to participate.