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The poem's webb of images and symbols, its imbedded conceit, is far too complex to more than touch on here save to remark on how she exploits the sonnet's laconicism to image the inseparability of pain and pleasure, the dualism of fecundity and sterility the speaker experiences.
For ubhayatobhaga-vimukta the meaning provided, "beiderseits erlost," is uninformative (a laconicism that is only partly compensated for by a reference in parentheses to L.
Kuz'muk's study of early Chekhov and the stories of Shukshin presumes the 'model' of the former in the latter's prose, noting, amongst other points in common: laconicism in style and minimal description of characters and surroundings; the drawing of material from everyday life, the use of chance events, and the tendency to contrasts and exaggeration, dramaticality, and the lively use of dialogue with little intrusion from an authorial voice.
Lichtenstein's attitude was largely ironic, for all the laconicism of his treatment of such things as, say, roller skates, and often one feels he was giving serious artistic treatment to what everyone would acknowledge was kitsch, as in his large painting of frilled curtains of 1962 or his Large Jewels of 1963 (another work not included in the Whitney installation), a monumentalized, flatly descriptive effigy of (I guess) a rhinestone pin of the sort by means of which one could teach the meaning of kitsch.
The distinctive rhythms of my two example-poems, one a high-modernist laconicism and the other based on musical rhyme and refrain, both alert to current practice in free verse, give evidence that the social, whether it be border culture or diaspora culture, penetrates in poetry down to the level of form.