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On H&E-stained sections, the rare lymphatic channels containing tumor cells were likely interpreted as lacunar spaces in the micropapillary pattern.
3,8) Femoral hernias occupy the femoral ring lateral to the tough lacunar ligament and medial to the soft femoral vein (Figure 1).
Results: TEE was performed in 237 patients without recognized cause of TIA and/or stroke, of which 105 (44%) events were cortical, 35 (15%) were lacunar, 32 (14%) were vertebrobasilar, and 65 (27%) were in multiple distributions.
The present study was designed to elucidate the influence of KBG on RBC deformability in patients with multiple lacunar infarction.
People who have had a lacunar stroke are most likely to regain lost neurological functions because only a small area has been affected and other parts of the brain may take over.
5) TACI = total anterior circulation infarction; PACI = partial anterior circulation infarction; POCI = posterior circulation infarction; LACI = lacunar circulation infarction; BI = Barthel Index; RMI = Rivermead Mobility Index; EQ-5D VAS = Euroqol-5D visual analogue scale.
The affected vessels develop extensive granular osmiophilic deposits within the basal membrane (Figure 6), and the arteriopathy leads to widespread demyelination of the white matter and subcortical lacunar infarctions.
The white matter lesions and lacunar ischemic stroke that are associated with subclinical vascular dementia lead to the destruction of neurons and neuronal synapses and also cause cholinergic deficits.
Because of their close proximity to the cranium, such lacunar spaces can create imprints on the internal lamina of the cranium as furrows or holes.
Repeat computed tomographic scan of the brain 2 days later revealed a lacunar infarct involving the midbrain (Fig.
Incidence of silent lacunar lesion in normal adults and its relation to cerebral blood flow and risk factors.
Her cranial MRI revealed lacunar infarcts in the crus posterior of the left internal capsule and in crus anterior of the right internal capsule.