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The lad with the turned-up sleeve gave the smith a blow in the face and cried wildly: "They're fighting us, lads
Before long the Princess came with the carriage and four horses, and asked the lad whether his master was awake.
The next morning, after giving his father time to precede him and conclude his business with Paulvitch, the lad hastened to the Russian's room.
a little negro lad, five feet high, hang-dog look, and cowardly
lad, lad--what's names to th' Joy Maker," and she gave his shoulders a quick soft pat again.
I saw one lad, after reeling half a dozen steps, pause at the side of the road, gravely peer into the ditch, and gravely, and after apparent deep thought, fall into it.
To say the truth, some of that atrocious wickedness in Jones, of which we have just mentioned three examples, might perhaps be derived from the encouragement he had received from this fellow, who, in two or three instances, had been what the law calls an accessary after the fact: for the whole duck, and great part of the apples, were converted to the use of the gamekeeper and his family; though, as Jones alone was discovered, the poor lad bore not only the whole smart, but the whole blame; both which fell again to his lot on the following occasion.
Then up spoke Will Scarlet, and told how they had found the lad in sorrow, and how he had brought him to Robin, thinking that he might perchance aid him in his trouble.
Returning to the cab, Geoffrey found the lad steadily waiting at his post.
Before my Fritz came, I used to think how, when I'd made my fortune, and no one needed me at home, I'd hire a big house, and pick up some poor, forlorn little lads who hadn't any mothers, and take care of them, and make life jolly for them before it was too late.
Nathless, Robin contented himself with parrying, and was loth to exert all his superior strength upon the lad.
Dost know of such a place, lad, as Kingsbere-sub-Greenhill?