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Lade cites was having a concrete completion deadline, which helped participants remain focused on the restoration.
Look at what changed from 1996 [when LADE was formed] to 2010.
Evaluating the electoral process, LADE based its assessment on the three fundamental principles: freedom, fairness and transparency.
LADE issued a statement explaining that by answering a media question about the municipal elections during a news conference held at his office at the ministry, Bassil had committed a violation.
LADE had previously expressed its worry that the murder would lead to a delay in the municipal elections.
LADE had 600 observers working in North Lebanon, of whom 329 were permanently stationed at 198 polling stations.
Both the association and experts agreed that polling stations were not ready to receive people with special needs, and LADE said in its statement, "100 percent of polling stations were not equipped to meet the needs of disabled people.
LADE noted a number of violations such as the presence of wrongly numbered envelopes and the absence of seals in some polling stations.
LADE started by urging concerned authorities not to delay the deadlines of withdrawing candidacies at the risk of harming the electoral process.
LADE added that the holding of timely elections was the "right of the people that nobody should violate.
LADE will present its recommendations on how to alter voting mechanisms in a press conference on Friday, in conjunction with the Civil Campaign for Electoral Reform.
LADE stressed the right for Lebanese citizens to directly elect their local representatives.