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Ansanelli, as an adulterous lady of leisure in A Month in the Country (1976), gave one of her greatest performances--and sadly her last in the U.
LADY SPLODGE has been a lady of leisure for a large part of the last 498 days as connections felt the diminutive mare needed time to mature after her last outing, writes Jessica Lamb.
Suzi and also anounce she's officially retiring from the police department so will be a lady of leisure come late September.
But for every empowered woman able to independently support a certain lifestyle, there are those who can recognise the appeal of being a lady of leisure on someone else's expense.
Carol affectionately called herself a lady of leisure, but in fact was always busy with her family and late husband.
Ms Israel, who has never been abroad, said: 'I'm going to be a lady of leisure.
I'm certainly not a lady of leisure, and the only time I see the inside of a shop is when I'm in Asda or Sainsbury's.
Overjoyed to trade her high stress existence for time with her boys, she discovers being une femme inactive -a lady of leisure -isn't all it's cracked up to be.
She said: "I'm rather enjoying being a lady of leisure at the moment, but I'm keen to do some big walks in places like the Himalayas and Nepal.
Here, a single person presents herself in the guise of a cast of dozens, if not thousands - the girl next door recast as social and cinematic stereotype: siren, housewife, victim, vixen, hayseed, career girl, spoiled princess, runaway, beatnik, lady of leisure, slut.