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HELEN Flanagan may look like a domestic goddess but she'd far rather be a lady of leisure, she says.
Ms Israel, who has never been abroad, said: "I'm going to be a lady of leisure.
And Erika jokes that she wants to be a lady of leisure.
It includes two theatre trips -to see Lady of Leisure at the Playhouse and Anything Goes at the Empire, as well as visits to the Tate and the cathedral.
Acquiring Curves increased the Lady of Leisure chain to 22 and the plan was to have 40 clubs by the Millennium when it floated on the Alternative Investment Market last spring.
Viewers next week will meet the eclectic mix including project manager Ronnie Moore, lady of leisure Alexis O'Byrne, wedding planner Rose Jones, amateur cage fighter Gary Wallace and supermarket food manager Danny Kidney.
Artistic director Gemma Bodinetz had found The Lady of Leisure in an old list of plays staged at the Playhouse.
A Lady of Leisure - or Mollusc - is the latest Playhouse production directed by Gemma Bodinetz and was written by the Cheshire playwright Hubert Henry Davies who later lived in the USA.
Peter Landon and Doug Johnson - who established the first club in the 1970s - are selling out to the Lady of Leisure group, which floated on the Alternative Investment Market last year.
Britney, 27, is taking a well-earned month off - and clearly enjoys being a lady of leisure.
The Lady Of Leisure (Playhouse Theatre, Williamson Square, 0151 709 4776) until June 12.