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m] is the maximum specific methane production rate (mL/d); P is methane production potential (mL); X is lag phase time (days).
In this system, lag phase lasts about two hours, but the cells sense their new environment remarkably quickly, and within four minutes switch on a specific set of genes, including some that control the uptake of specific nutrients.
Figure 2 shows atypical growth curves of CHO cells in the microcarrier system, demonstrating that there was no drop in cell density below the starting cell number during Lag phase (first 24 hours in culture) which often occurs when culture initiation conditions are not optimal.
This largely reflects the lag phase between manuscript submission and publication.
This is because the overall biodegradation rate could very likely be dominated by the lag phase, which could vary greatly with different concentrations of both the non-growth substrate and the growth substrate, due to their toxicity effect on the degrading cells.
The time between the exposure and the onset of antibody production is known as the latent phase or lag phase.
The PPC on fillets stored at 4 [degrees]C did not show any lag phase and grew rapidly; while APC of fillets stored at 0 [degrees]C had two days of lag phase.
We computed the lag phase of oxidation using the time course curve (21) from the three indices of oxidation.
The culture incubated at -2[degrees]C demonstrated a relatively longer lag phase when compared to the culture grown at 22[degrees]C, which is probably due to the slower metabolic rates at colder temperatures.
Savings" (interpreted as a reduction in charges) should, after a lag phase, affect contractuals.