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Ah, no, Djor Kantos; Tara of Helium is for no laggard," and she threw him a sweet smile and passed on toward the assembling dancers with Gahan, Jed of far Gathol.
We can hardly believe that the captain really intended to carry his threat into full effect, and rather think he meant to let the laggards off for a long pull and a hearty fright.
Out upon you all, as a set of laggards and hang-backs
By the way, sire," said Gossip Coictier, "I had forgotten that in the first agitation, the watch have seized two laggards of the band.
Claire Enders, founder of research firm Enders Analysis, said: "Time Warner have been a real laggard in stock market terms for a long time with a lot of great assets that can be plucked like a chicken.
Byline: EMC, the $15-billion vendor of IT storage solutions and software, has been somewhat of a laggard in the Indian market.
In an earnings call last week, Oracle founder Larry Ellison dissed the SaaS industry, calling it a laggard that isn't really living up to the hype.
Best-in-class pharmaceutical manufacturers exhibit 87% more availability than laggard performers Best-in-class performers reduce loss due to changeover at a factor 4 times greater than laggards Equipment failure is a significant contributor to lost capacity; however, best-in-class pharmaceutical manufacturers attribute 7% of lost capacity to equipment failure, versus laggards that experience a staggering 26% of capacity lost due to equipment failure.
Being a technology laggard is not conducive to selling automobiles," he says, emphasizing, that GM is going to work exceedingly hard "to become the purveyor of technology vehicles.
Southwest, which stands to benefit less from lower oil prices, is the industry laggard, down 32 percent from its all-time high in December 2000.
Interestingly enough, laggard companies rank that notion the least vital in their priority scheme.