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We can hardly believe that the captain really intended to carry his threat into full effect, and rather think he meant to let the laggards off for a long pull and a hearty fright.
It awaited the family laggard, who found any sort of inconvenience (to others) less disagreeable than getting up when he was called.
No laggard may claim Tara of Helium; but haste now lest thou lose also Olvia Marthis, whom I have never seen wait long to be claimed for this or any other dance.
Ah, no, Djor Kantos; Tara of Helium is for no laggard," and she threw him a sweet smile and passed on toward the assembling dancers with Gahan, Jed of far Gathol.
Sports Direct, the discount sporting goods retailer, led the laggards in this sector, closing 11% lower after posting flat first-half sales growth figures.
Laggards like me can attest that staying current on new technologies is a persistent need that continues well after graduation.
Of the remaining 20%, classified laggards, very few had a domain name and no web presence for their companies.
The study found that Masters are more aggressively investing time and money in improving their customers' experience than Laggards, and outperforming Laggards in several ways:
The recently released 2012 Satmetrix Net Promoter Benchmark Study reveals the leaders and laggards in customer loyalty within the insurance industry.
Best-in-Class companies are over twice as likely as Laggards to have an executive priority to improve enterprise quality management.
Best-in-class pharmaceutical manufacturers exhibit 87% more availability than laggard performers Best-in-class performers reduce loss due to changeover at a factor 4 times greater than laggards Equipment failure is a significant contributor to lost capacity; however, best-in-class pharmaceutical manufacturers attribute 7% of lost capacity to equipment failure, versus laggards that experience a staggering 26% of capacity lost due to equipment failure.
Top Performers are 63% and 90% More Likely Than Laggards to Follow This "Insulated" Approach With Customers and Suppliers, Respectively -