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The single clerical and married laical states have built-in safe guards for adhering to orthodox behaviour.
Laical singleness is largely the product of capitalism; in other words, the mass production of consumer goods and equitable distribution of these goods.
Cloistered clerical singleness is largely moribund today while the pastoral clerical singleness and married laical states are under attack.
One has to simply negotiate how to make good use of it (in the laical or catholic sense, individualistic or confessional, etc.
Laical liberalism also gained ground after Nasser and Sadat.
Secondly, the vibrancy of the debates in Espacio Laical which, while online and thus relatively limited, is really remarkable.
This isn't the first time Espacio Laical has generated controversy.
The archdiocese's own magazine, Palabra Nueva, published an editorial defending Ortega, but the Espacio Laical editorial went further, all but arguing that Ortega alone has the right answers to Cuba's problems and either harshly dismissing his critics or accusing them of some sort of conspiracy against the prelate.
The Espacio Laical article states that Raul must face the challenge of formulating a "bold and creative agenda to reverse the political, social and economic problems that have been increasingly accumulating in our country.