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GUISBOROUGH: Wreath to be laid on behalf of the borough council by Cllr Bill Suthers.
JP McManus had four runners in that race, but that was the only one I laid - pounds 5,000 each-way at 50-1.
Teachers will be laid off according to seniority, which Barcelona said is required under a California court ruling.
Glatfelter stated, "The Lydney assets are an ideal fit with Glatfelter's wet laid nonwoven business.
An employee will be laid off for a particular week if he/she gets no pay of any kind for that week because his/her employer does not provide him/her with the kind of work he/she is employed to do.
The researchers collected eggs laid by the deceived workers along with bona fide queen-laid eggs from the other part of the colony.
Teachers have not been laid off at Westside schools in more than 20 years, Collins said.
In her ruling, Judge Trauger stated that she believed "plaintiffs have carried their burden of proof" that their employer laid them off with "a specific intent to interfere with their rights under ERISA.
If an employee is laid off by an employer without pay, is this a breach of contract?
And sure enough, ``Best Laid Plans'' promptly transports us four months back in time, slowly revealing various motives and mysteries.
Mechanics laid off on that basis must be given back their jobs with full back pay and benefits, according to the ruling.