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ARMS. Any thing that a man wears for his defence, or takes in his hands, or uses in his anger, to cast at, or strike at another. Co. Litt. 161 b, 162 a; Crompt. Just. P. 65; Cunn. Dict. h.t.
     2. The Constitution of the United States, Amendm. art. 2, declares, "that a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." In Kentucky, a statute "to prevent persons from wearing concealed arms," has been declared to be unconstitutional; 2 Litt. R. 90; while in Indiana a similar statute has been holden valid and constitutional. 3 Blackf. R. 229. Vide Story, Const. Sec. 1889, 1890 Amer. Citizen, 176; 1 Tuck. Black. App. 300 Rawle on Const. 125.

ARMS, heraldry. Signs of arms, or drawings painted on shields, banners, and the like. The arms of the United States are described in the Resolution of Congress, of June 20, 1782. Vide Seal of the United States.

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Official sources said a sum of 300 people from Hama laid down arms and surrendered to Syrian Army yesterday, while previously 560 wanted persons from Damascus, Damascus countryside, Quneitra and Homs gave up fight and turned themselves in to the authorities October 7.
During the past one year 166 cadres have laid down arms in IGAR(S) alone, which is in addition to the 122 cadres of the KCP (MC) Lallumba group who signed the tripartite agreement with central and Manipur governments.
The Taliban in Swat and Bajaur Agency laid down arms before holding talks with government and the government will only think over Taliban demands if they lay down arms in other areas of the Province as well.
In total, including Homs and its Western suburb, we are talking about 10,000 people who have laid down arms over the past two years," Ali Haidar said, RIA Novosti reported.
Imphal, June 5 (ANI): T Liankhankhup Zou alias Khupkhang, a founder member of the rebel outfit Zou People's Army laid down arms, along with 12 other cadres, in a formal ceremony at IGAR Complex in Manipur recently.
Over 1,200 terrorists laid down arms and surrendered to the Syrian authorities late Thursday, the Syrian local sources also confirmed.
Chidambaram, while talking about Assam, informed that over 400 Karbi Longri NC Hills Liberation Front (KLNLF) cadres laid down arms in February.
Syria's National Reconciliation Committee announced today that a large number of militants laid down arms and surrendered to the Syrian authorities.
Mohammad Ashraf, alias Abu Ibrar, a resident of village Angralla in Mahore block, laid down arms before security forces.