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St Mary the Virgin has stood for 1,000 years - only to now face being laid to waste by Prime Minister David Cameron.
And we have seen whole cities laid to waste, and the cold-blooded slaughter of civilians.
World War Two saw western Europe laid to waste (20 million Russian dead), western Europe enslaved for five long years, and six million defenceless civilians, even innocent little children, methodically murdered in gas chambers by the Germans.
We are not assured that this cargo would in fact be delivered to Gaza, as in the past C* most of the humanitarian aid was laid to waste in Israel," Chang added.
Across the districts of Durg, Bilaspur, Raipur and Mahasammund, fields have been laid to waste.
Those boxers came in a combined 30-5 with solid reputations before each was laid to waste by a body blow from Rodriguez.
He also touched on environmental stewardship, noting the hypocrisy of condemning other countries for deforestation when North Americans have laid to waste so much of their land.
Despite the nearby rubble of destroyed houses, and tracts of land laid to waste by bulldozers and tanks, the mood was defiantly sunny.
But what good will money be in a world laid to waste by a festive environmental disaster?
Instead it was laid to waste with shortsightedness by the US-sponsored rulers of Iraq, and vindictiveness on the side of Iran's leadership.
Of course, Henson's critics - that ever-swelling majority of the moralistic - will claim that this most recent upfield surge into the tabloid news pages is no isolated incident, but just another example of a great talent being laid to waste.
And United were laid to waste again just before the half hour when Jamie Smith's ball over the top released Mackie.