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One other serious question remains: When lambasted for signing off on the annual reports of companies that have lied about their true financial well-being, accounting firms always protest that if a company is determined to lie about its actual condition, there is little the auditors can do about it.
In describing three shorter version workshops of the musical performed last year at Stage's Repertory Theatre, SmartMoney magazine quoted Stage's artistic director, Rob Bundy, "The audiences said, 'It was fun to see the people who caused so much unhappiness so thoroughly lambasted.
He lambasted continuous drone strikes, which had dislocated FATA citizens, and also lambasted former regime of failing to cater for masses' welfare; since "all higher officials appointed by PPP-based government were heavily involved in corruption , while all incoming foreign aid was also embezzled by scourge of corruption" , he charged.
ISLAMABAD -- The alleged wife of Senator Azam Hoti has strongly lambasted him over his recent tirade against his very own, ANP, expressing that "Azam Hoti is acting over somebody's instructions".
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani lambasted the West's double-standard policies and stances on human rights issues, and said the hegemonic powers use human rights as an instrument to pressure independent states.
THIS year's X Factor contestants have been unfairly lambasted in the media.
Although critics would still have lambasted the board for its decision in the Brown case, the absence of the secrecy issue would have quickly muted the furor.
Paul Le Guen's men were lambasted after losing to Falkirk and Craig fears they will be desperate to make up for that defeat.
WALSALL manager Paul Merson lambasted his young midfielder Ishmel Demontagnac for being needlessly sent off and leaving his team-mates to hang on for an hour.
In a speech at Cook's funeral in Edinburgh in August, the Channel 4 racing pundit lambasted the Prime Minister for not attending.
Giants coach Jon Sharp lambasted stand-in referee Ronnie Laughton.
Education Secretary Charles Clarke lambasted Charles after it emerged the Prince believed the schools system offered pupils too much aspiration and refused to admit failures.