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LAMB. A ram, sheep or ewe, under the age of one year. 4 Car. & P. 216; S. C. 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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I READ with interest the letter from Pete Lamber (Chronicle June 8) relating to the BBC coverage of the river pageant and the Diamond jubilee concert and saying Cheryl Cole was a total and utter fraud, comparing her to Shirley Bassey and Tom Jones etc.
Its new secret base was let by property consultancy Lamber Smith Hampton.
Another close tussle saw John Sidwell (2x140) matched against Lamber Gill (Red Fort).
The debate, kick started in Darlington, by a group of 50 leading business people has now moved on line with a dedicated forum, which will host a live webchat with CBI national director Richard Lamber next Friday (June 18).
Excetuam-se as relacoes entre sobressaliencia acentuada e bruxismo, e da mesma com a succao de mamadeira, que, apesar de nao ter apresentado significancia estatistica (p> 0,05), demonstrou a prevalencia da sobressaliencia acentuada entre as criancas que nao praticavam os habitos, acontecendo o contrario, ainda que de forma discreta, entre as criancas que os apresentavam; e, tambem, a relacao entre o trespasse horizontal com o habito de lamber labios, que apresentou resultado estatisticamente significante (p< 0,05).
Dear Editor, Richard Lamber, director general of the CBI, is quoted as referring to the boycott of Peugeot cars by the trade unions as "stone-age economics" (Post July 19).
For reservations, phone Nanci Lamber at (831) 624-2724 or (800) 243-5959.
Jetro's products represent an excellent complement to our product portfolio," commented Peter Lamber, Nocom's software business development manager.
The sympathetic consideration given throughout the book to the constraints and pressures which affected individual women's lives and the recuperation of women's voices m the little-known publications of figures such as Jenny d'Hericourt (1807-75) and Juliette Lamber (1836-1936) make for a rich and compelling study.
Itera's knowledge and competence, combined with our products enable us to offer the market exciting solutions focused on intrabusiness, in other words, solutions for internal business operations", says Peter Lamber, vice president of Nocom Software AB.