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LAMB. A ram, sheep or ewe, under the age of one year. 4 Car. & P. 216; S. C. 19 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 351.

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Sharp finishing gained Lamber a 2-0 win, putting Oldbury 4-0 ahead Bob Nixon produced some quality arrows, having two 17-dart games for a 2-0 victory over former Sports Argus star Gary Taylor (Ex Service A).
The advancements in technology allow Lamber and Goodnow to develop unique solutions for clients who have suffered catastrophic personal injuries that have limited their mobility or ability to communicate, including brain injury victim Betsy Martinez.
These figures show the financial risks to sponsoring employers continuing to offer a defined benefit scheme,' said Eric Lamber, executive director of WM said.
According to Marc Lamber and James Goodnow, injury and wrongful death lawyers at Fennemore Craig, P.
She has resigned a week after being suspended over the September 19 incident which saw driver Karl Lamber, 46, lose his leg.
Police said they were very concerned at the theft which included a variety of makes including Beretta, American Classic, Lamber and Marucu.
Chapnari road:- B) 25 mm thick semi dense bituminous concrete over 50 mm thick bituminous macadam :- i) Karewa link road Banihal ii) Banihal Lamber road
The pilot program, called "Glass Action," was launched in January 2014 when Fennemore Craig personal injury attorneys James Goodnow and Marc Lamber equipped several business and personal injury clients with the new Google Glass technology, not currently available to the public.
FURIOUS: Pensioners (from left) John Parks, Chris Smith, John and Elizabeth Harthill, Gordon Lea, Lamber Singh, Gillian Adler, Bill Welch, Phil Jones and (kneeling) Rob Stapleton, stage a protest outside the proposed site of the Older People's Centre on t the corner of Hill Street and Corporation Street.
eIQnetworks is a leading supplier of application, security and systems analytics solutions, and with analysis and reporting as one of our main areas of focus where we see a rapidly growing market, we are happy to see them expand into this region," commented Peter Lamber, COO, Nocom, an IT company which sells software, qualified operational support and training to facilitate and increase operating efficiency of companies in Scandinavia.