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This version opens lamely with a girl sitting self-consciously on a spotlit gantry and an empty stage.
He added: "It is frankly an embarrassment when I have to reply somewhat lamely that we do not have the powers available, and to refer them to the local authority.
It was in that round that Chavez tried lamely to summon in his opponent, but De La Hoya didn't move forward even an inch.
He admitted he read them the riot act when his side lost so lamely at City.
However, although Recoba headed lamely when he should have scored in the first half, and a Crespo lob only just cleared the crossbar late in the second, the truth is that, in practice, Inter's goal threat was minimal.
But for the most part, you emerge from the premiere shaking your head that ABC could commission such a lamely conceived ripoff - and one from Henson Productions, no less.
But after a year's delay FIFA has lamely passed the matter back, saying it is now the FA's problem.
Whether their Italian programme, lamely entitled Visions of Italy , actually does, is uncertain.
Galbraith only promised lamely to keep the issue "under review".
Lamely the police say they can't help and Edwin, 85, who fought in Burma during WWII, said: "This is a bitter pill to swallow.
And Scottish Office Minister George Kynoch lamely said of the failure to reverse the eventual closure:
Lamely, TV watchdog Ofcom couldn't explain - apart from stating the obvious fact that Shop Smart is no longer on air.