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Rubio lamely answered that he had "zero responsibility" because Obama would only have launched a "pinprick" attack.
Derek Lamely bombed his way to victory in soggy conditions in 2010, setting a new scoring record on the way, and it may pay to favour similarly aggressive operators this time Key attribute Power
BAD POINTS: The plot plods along rather lamely and often leads to dead ends.
Strangely, the fast-paced opening feels more dramatic on the page than on the stage, and the key tumble is rather lamely done.
na na nt Bursting out, singing lamely named Na Na Na, the 1D boys took turns to walk forward and acknowledge the cries.
NOT the greatest of results for the superhero film Green Lantern in the UK as it lamely limps to box-office takings here of only pounds 5million.
Not having any proper, constructive pastimes - like potholing or basket-weaving - most of us would lamely write "socialising", as if loitering in pubs with your mates counted as a worthwhile and character-building leisure pursuit.
As exciting a product as Twenty/20 is, I have to say that over the seven years of the competition I have only ever really been driven by the urge to watch the Roses clashes home (Old Trafford) and away (Headingley) and I had a trip to the finals day at Edgbaston in 2004 when Lancashire sank lamely in the semi-finals.
Woods has broken 70 just three times in his last 17 rounds and is 77th on the US tour money list, below the likes of Alex Prugh, Chad Collins and Derek Lamely.
Xabi Alonso hit the underside of the bar with a fine strike in the 70th minute, Navas shot lamely at Swiss goalkeeper Benaglio when through on goal about a minute later, and Gerard Pique squandered another chance on the next Spanish attack.
Stein spent most of his time lamely getting people to agree that there was a link-even though he'd admitted he didn't know what he meant at the start and the link ultimately extended no further than Rossini etal's fondness for food and the fact both food and opera express the Italian passion for life.
It simply expresses opposition to censorship and jamming and then ends lamely by stating that the 27 foreign ministers are "determined to pursue these issues and to act with a view to put an end to this unacceptable situation.