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As sheep are a 'prey' species they are likely to mask signs of lameness when they feel threatened, or enlivened by the presence of observing farmers and vets.
Preparing for the future David has recently added the CowAlert lameness module to run alongside the heat detection system which they're currently trialing on their herd.
Research shows that in every 12 months, more than half the cows in a herd will experience lameness.
The talks and clinics that were on offer were extremely informative and are a great way to raise awareness about the dangers of sheep lameness and how to tackle it.
Four workshops were held at Ruthin's Coleg Cambria Llysfasi and Newtown College to demonstrate the industry's five-point lameness reduction plan.
On the second occasion, 30 goats were drafted out for lameness and other welfare issues.
Research has shown that the problem of lameness could cost the UK industry PS24m a year in expenditure and lost production.
Lameness affects performance has negative economic consequences and impacts animal's athletic career, and it can cripple its use in sports (EVANS & WALSH, 1997; COUROUCE-MALBLANC et al.
These ligaments stabilize the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone) in their articulation, and rupture of these ligaments may result in instability of the knee, causing inflammation and lameness.
Many things, including trauma, intervertebral disc disease, other tick-borne diseases and cruciate ligament issues can all cause lameness.