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THE second half of July is shaping up to be very busy period for dairy producers with two significant events on the horizon - a lameness master class and of course the Royal Welsh Show.
Usually, abscesses rupture without assistance, and some horses do not display symptoms of lameness.
In addition to footbathing, culling persistent offenders and use of injectable antibiotics are important strategies for reducing lameness.
A report in trade journal Veterinary Record describes how Oxfordshire-based FAI Farms managed to cut substantially the number of lameness treatments administered to their "ock of 1,200 ewes over a four-year period.
However, after further investigation the source of the lameness was discovered, meaning Newcastle and other big jumping targets are out for the campaign.
Influencing all sections of the beef industry, lameness endures to be a main issue in feedlot cattle.
Lameness in ewes can result in reduced fertility and mothering ability, and affects lamb growth.
By assessing what constitutes "normal" gait in pigs, the team reveals how the system could be used to reduce lameness, improving health and welfare on farms, reducing costs and improving sustainability.
Sainsbury's has set ambitious goals to reduce cattle lameness to minimal levels by implementing, in co-operation with its producers, its Dairy Welfare Standard.
Covering concrete with rubber flooring allows cows to move naturally and easily reducing falls, injuries, lameness and stress while improving locomotion scores and heat detection.
However, broken bones are very painful and animals will avoid taking weight on them so the lameness would be much worse if it were broken.
More than 90 percent of lameness problems in cattle originate in the feet.