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In the introduction to part 1, Goodland argues that the medieval mystery plays "attempt to reconcile the ethos of the residual practice of female lament with that of the dominant Christian theology" (35).
Saint-Gelais filled his lament with musical imagery and a song-within-a-song intent upon fulfilling its mimetic promises in performance.
Moreover, when viewed from the perspective of Mesopotamia (which one must do if, as I assume, the genre itself originated there), Lamentations appears to be secondarily derived, representing a translation and adaptation of the classic Mesopotamian city lament with a tragic twist (but see below).
35] After the requisite invocation of the lute as a faithful confidant, its player complains in the second quatrain that the instrument has been so accustomed to lament with her, in perfect accord with her melancholy, that when she attempts a joyful song the lute thwarts her impulse by flatting a pitch that should be natural, thereby creating a mournful effect.
This book gives the first comprehensive critical edition of the Nippur Lament with commentary and score.