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Scotland ought to be leading the world, not falling lamentably short.
The authorities were lamentably slow to act against Butt when he was in Britain before Christmas.
Admittedly, 'action' is limited to plotting nautical courses, choosing through random events, balancing the need for provisions and hunting for sea-things to kill, butcher and sell by way of the lamentably narrow card/dice-based combat.
The Netflix CEO was spotted muttering darkly last month , lamenting how Netflix was so lamentably good at making TV shows he couldn't axe enough of them.
The President has, lamentably, allowed the Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders to tarnish the image of the Dinka and the country by extension.
Lamentably, about five or 10 minutes later, the beast showed up again and tormented his day again.
Riotous, excoriating, and often brutally blunt, the Kienholzes' oeuvre--comprising everything from scabrous riffs on racism, sexism, and militarism to more subdued takes on loneliness and ennui--remains surprisingly, and lamentably, as relevant to American culture today as it did at the time of its initial conception.
In an interview with the UN Television Thursday (20 Aug), the UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations said "When we have -- very unfortunately, lamentably -- cases of sexual violence, sexual abuse in the missions, it is an indication that probably the leadership hasn't done what it should've done.
R It added: "e performance of NRW in forestry terms, especially in RW in forestry terms, especially in R relation to its role as major supplier of wood to the wood processing sector in Wales and beyond, has in its rst year, been lamentably poor.
Lamentably, misrule, mismanagement, mal-administration have become synonymous with Sindh government.
He slammed Al Wefaq leaders for failing to condemn violence unequivocally, thus condoning terror through the use of false slogans in which they profess peacefulness and reform, while casting doubts on acts of violence and lamentably questioning law enforcement authorities.
I'm afraid that for all its publicity and its being trumpeted by the Arts Council as 'The artistic creations of a contemporary mater' I found it repetitive and lamentably boring.