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TransMedia intends to make widely known the foundation's mission, which is "to promote nonviolent solutions to issues that divide, palliative remedies to prejudice that separate, an end to fears and hatreds that too often erupts into violence and lamentably innocent deaths.
Lamentably, misrule, mismanagement, mal-administration have become synonymous with Sindh government.
Of the lamentably few contemporary Brazilian novels translated into the English language, K is certainly one of the most important to emerge in recent years.
Lamentably it's the first 'rest day' in Brazil but fans of the oval ball won't be concerned as the DW Stadium plays host to one of the most eagerly anticipated derby matches on the Super League calendar.
R It added: "e performance of NRW in forestry terms, especially in RW in forestry terms, especially in R relation to its role as major supplier of wood to the wood processing sector in Wales and beyond, has in its rst year, been lamentably poor.
He slammed Al Wefaq leaders for failing to condemn violence unequivocally, thus condoning terror through the use of false slogans in which they profess peacefulness and reform, while casting doubts on acts of violence and lamentably questioning law enforcement authorities.
I'm afraid that for all its publicity and its being trumpeted by the Arts Council as 'The artistic creations of a contemporary mater' I found it repetitive and lamentably boring.
At that stage he had been placed on a community order for six months in a bid to get him off the drugs which the judge said "failed lamentably.
Granted, Sparta looked lamentably bad in Madrid a week ago, when they crashed 3-0 to a reserve side, but the Czechs will be keener for a decent send-off in front of their own fans.
DAVID Cameron failed lamentably to take action on greed at the top.
SIR - As we Welsh are lamentably short of traditional dress, may I suggest we create our own now in order that future generations may look to their antecedents with pride?
I contend without fear of rebuttal that this New Labour administration has failed - lamentably - in the discharge of that first duty.