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0 mm) and denser hairs; its lamina and pinna rachises are conspicuously pubescent to naked eye.
As diferencas entre os tratamentos estao diretamente relacionadas as condicoes fisicas da cultura (produtividade) e do aporte financeiro da Caliman em aplicar tecnologia na fazenda, que se traduzem nos tratos culturais interligados de lamina de irrigacao dispensados a cultura.
The major components of nuclear lamina are lamins B and A [8,14].
While studying the basal lamina, BioStratum's collaborating researchers at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm, Sweden) discovered that laminin-5 is involved in the migration of most epithelial cells as well as epithelial cell derived cancers.
The most common surgery is called decompressive laminectomy: removal of the lamina (roof) of one or more vertebrae to create more space for the nerves.
Species recognition was based on morphological characters such as scales, hairs, glands, lamina dissection, and peripsore.
Nematodes were embedded in the wall of the proventriculus from the lamina propria to the serosal surface and were surrounded by granulocytes, epithelioid macrophages, multinucleate giant ceils, lymphocytes, and fibroplasia.
Tumor was limited to the surface or lamina propria in 11 cases (pTa/1), had invaded muscularis propria in 6 cases (pT2), and had infiltrated the perivesical adipose tissue in 4 cases (pT3).
Called the Lamina - it was introduced at this year's Shell Eco-Marathon held in Houston, Texas.
1] Cystitis cystica occurs when von Brunn's nests grow into the lamina propria forming cysts, while cystitis glandularis describes the metaplastic change into goblet cells.
O corte do capim-elefante foi realizado a 50 cm do solo para assegurar percentagem de lamina foliar proxima a 30%, objetivando proporcionar condicoes para a manutencao dessa forrageira.