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In the beautiful silence of the landing place now, one can only imagine the sounds of guns, so destructive and menacing 100 years ago.
Academy "will make the site a likely landing place for new restaurants and other retailers over the course of the next two years," Joshua Brown of Haag Brown Commercial in Jonesboro said in a news release.
He said Karachi is the landing place of smuggled items whether it be from Iran or Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) through Afghanistan.
Efimoz of the spacesuit manufacturer Zvezda noted "- by sleigh, the rescue team reached the landing place of the descent capsule.
Richmond's population is more than half Chinese-Canadian, and Victoria is the landing place of the first Chinese immigrants.
The plane could not take off from its mistaken landing place because of the mud; a military force arrived to secure it, but its passengers are missing," he added.
The conventional wisdom is that niche-oriented industrial applications will be the early landing place for LED luminaires.
In 1887, he told readers that Southern California was ideally suited for experiments in aviation, that bluffs along the coast were a good place for flying because of wind currents and a soft landing place.
30pm: The dinner parties are being held in Portsmouth, the landing place for England's first-ever shipment of potatoes in 1586, fact fans.
Ashore, two ratings lay in the Jamestown hospital, and another two wandered to the landing place, where they found the boatman.
Concerning the promontory around which Caesar sailed, it "must needs be the South-Foreland," Halley wrote, and the landing place the open beach near Walmer and Deal, towns to the northeast of Dover.