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Indeed, there are places where people are punished for owning a satellite dish, where news is censored and where the only way to stay informed is via "proxy sites"--web sites that act as a sort of an intermediate landing place, so as to evade being blocked by the government.
We'd abort the takeoff if we had runway left and the engine failed, and wave off if we had sufficient airspeed to fly and no safe landing place in front of us.
Hydraulic installations and a concentration of grain stores on the edge of the landing place fit well with these findings.
It seems an unlikely landing place for an Internet entrepreneur, but in this borderless world, one of the lessons from a survey of gaijin software talent is that businesses can start up anywhere through the Internet.
But Fossett, a 58-year-old Chicago businessman with a long list of adventures and world records to his credit, is still looking for a landing place for his hot air balloon, the Bud Light Spirit of Freedom.
In order to enter the record books, Fossett must land his balloon at a point somewhere east of Northam, but he has yet to nominate an exact landing place.
The cat would seek a dry landing place (the enemy vessel), and its bodily movement would direct the guided missile to its target.
The canoes arrived at a landing place on the Wye River, below the hill-top Martyr's Shrine and a short walk from the reconstructed 17th century Sainte-Marie mission.
Another memorable day out is the 40-mile rail trip to Plymouth Rock, landing place of the Pilgrim Fathers, who sailed from England in the tiny Mayflower to settle in the New World.
This was present in our prayers, Doug's and mine, as we went on to the Mount of the Beatitudes, old Capernaum, and Peter's Landing Place.
It is known locally as the UFO landing place because of the airport-like marker lights.