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Speaking of stability, when your iPad is in landscape orientation, the Ultrathin is pretty solid.
Move the pawns with the tip of your fingers, as you would do in real life, and shake the iPhone to throw the dice at Backgammon or choose the portrait or landscape orientation of the chessboard.
The Hardtop Keyboard features mouse buttons, a pointing stick, an adjustable viewing angle and a tablet stand that can be manipulated for portrait or landscape orientation.
The SDM-N50PS offers users portrait and landscape modes for maximum flexibility and image control, and can be hung on any wall or other vertical surface in either a portrait or landscape orientation.
150mm height adjustability in landscape orientation (103mm in portrait), as well as pivot, tilt and swivel
It enables the photographer to quickly change from portrait to landscape orientation without even thinking about it.
As such, there will be wireless printing support, messaging apps directly from the settings menu, easy manipulation of the default launcher, improved Samsung keyboard in landscape orientation and white status bar.
1-inch XGA display be viewed in portrait or landscape orientation, it offers RAM capacity from 128 MB to 1 GB, and hard disk capacities of 20 GB, 40 GB and 60 GB.
The intuitive, built-in stand of the ZAGGfolio has no moving parts and holds iPad securely in either profile or landscape orientation.
Optimized for iPhones 6 and 6+ (and very soon for iPad), including landscape orientation.
The subject of procurement is the manufacture of permanent information signs (permanent plaque), which will be made of a suitable material (hardened, durable plastic color in imitation bronze or brass, black font), with a landscape orientation on the panel dimensions 300 mm x 400 mm and placed no later than three months from the completion of the project in an easily accessible and visible location (installation and graphical agree sponsor).
Samsung's keyboard layout has been changed and improved to landscape orientation, making typing a lot easier and gesture typing working really well.

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