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I think the biggest danger (of a ban) is landscapers are going to go back to hoses and waste precious water,'' he said.
The weekly show features a yard in need of help; the lucky homeowner chosen for the episode gets to choose from the designs of three landscapers who work within the homeowner's budget.
When she shows her family members, she'll say, 'When I got my new heart, these are the doctors who helped me out, and these are the landscapers who came in and brought me a bouquet of flowers.
bar] Choosing the right landscaper is the key to having your dream garden vision realised
Marshall Landscapes of Nuneaton received recognition for their high quality work at the Association of Professional Landscapers annual awards which took place in Leicestershire this month.
But as the equipment used by landscapers and the projects themselves become ever more sophisticated and expensive, the potential for costly damage to people and property also increases.
That's how they do it in Maine, said Mick Sheffield, a North Hampton landscaper.
When Houston landscapers Sabrina and Todd Farber, owners of Garden Guy Inc.
Responsible nursery contractors usually provide a year's guarantee on their outplantings, I suggest you find out if your landscaper follows this practice.
While your landscaper might recommend organic mulch for your garden, your pest-management professional will most likely recommend another variety.
Stefan Behnisch, Jan Gehl, Will Alsop and George Ferguson will be among the European speakers; US contributors include landscaper Martha Schwartz, HOK president Bill Hellmuth, RTKL chairman Paul Jacob, and Asymptote's Hani Rashid.
I was fortunate to inherit several gardens in the early Eighties that had been installed by a landscaper who firmly believed in using native trees, bushes, and flowers in his work.