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When one of the landscapers responded, Berry allegedly got out of his car, walked up to a 28-year-old worker and told him that he knew martial arts and was going to beat him up.
Toby is a new recruit for the Association of Professional Landscapers and Justin is one of the mentors for the team of up and coming landscapers taking part.
The Landscaper of the Year program illustrates New Holland Construction's commitment to hard-working landscape contractors," said Curtis Goettel, brand marketing manager, New Holland Construction.
It used to be that the landscapers knew few of their fellow employees beyond a passing wave.
Before you engage a designer or landscaper, think about how much you want to spend.
Also, he said, landscapers should talk with their customers and make arrangements to have sprinklers go on after they work on the lawns.
Professional landscapers should have their own insurance, but Brian says few people ask to see proof in the form of a current schedule of insurances.
Sheffield is past president of the New Hampshire Landscapers Association, but he says he was talking strictly for himself.
Laughs] You can go to a straight landscaper or beautician, but why take a chance?
BONUS: There are sometimes some back-woods, good-ol'-boy landscapers from the city of Saint Augustine around; talk to them while they're on break.
WSU gains another $50,000 a year by selling its compost to local garden stores and landscapers.
The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) hopes to put an end to this lottery with the launch of its new customer charter, a strict quality criteria with which landscapers must comply if they wish to become APL members.