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Taking it into the box, Alberto then languidly drags the ball past two more defenders before confidently dispatching the ball into the corner.
THE tiger lay languidly on the strong bough of the tree, worn almost smooth by the repeated rubbing of feline pelt on the burnished bark.
Finally, "Kino" raises far more narrative questions than it answers before sinking almost languidly into a surrealistic pool of self-questioning that also appears to offer an answer only to pull it away at the last moment.
Climb aboard and, although the seating position is slightly more relaxed and upright than other Monsters, the view is the same - wide bars, good mirrors (unless like me you're ridiculously tall), and a neat digital dash with the information and warning lights draped languidly across the top like a bijou Italian Christmas tree.
Formally agreeable and subjectively compelling, she sprawls languidly across the horizontal axis of the canvas--an alluring body in repose, inviting inquiry.
Some slumped on their chairs, languidly, while others gesticulate to one another wildly.
Her second innings as a boxer and her comeback is languidly captured.
The Escape Artist" is a thriller without much in the way of thrills, but it wriggles out enough twists--and the pleasure of David Tennant and Sophie Okonedo --to lure an audience blessed with the patience to enjoy this kind of languidly paced crime drama.
Many a tourist is seen languidly sipping an iced coffee latte overlooking the palm trees and pools and getting the waiters to take a photo of them.
A naked baba shouting slogans passionately is bound to catch your eye as soon as you enter, if at all the buffaloes languidly grazing along the kumbh mela grounds don't.
Within eight seconds of the Devils goal he had cruised languidly down the ice to slot an equaliser.
Last night when the camera languidly panned away from Steven's bed-ridden mother, wallpaper has never looked more terrifying.