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Industry perception of the viability of an iTunes' movie download service varies from (1) those convinced it will languish just as Movielink and CinemaNow have done, to (2) those convinced it will do for online movie downloads precisely what it did for online digital music - make the market.
The flight to quality has precipitated a great demand for the truly Class A properties and when a block of space in a truly Class A building comes available there is immediately competition for the space, as opposed to perhaps lesser quality buildings where major blocks of space have tended to languish for long periods of time.
It is shocking that a slam-dunk proposal would languish for months, even while council members lament the burdens of workers' comp costs, expected to be $142 million this year.
Opponents of residential development plans are in favor of making a county park out of the island, a proposal first made by County Executive Andrew O'Rourke in July when it looked like the island would languish.
The example set by this broad interpretation on Freedom Wireless' patents will not only harm prepaid billing vendors and wireless providers but it will also languish consumer adoption.
But in wars, some soldiers become war prisoners in the hands of enemies and had no option but to languish in jails and special camps and in such situation some Pakistani soldiers arrested by Indian soldiers in the war of 1965.
It's enabled kids who have fallen behind their classmates to catch up, rather than languish perpetually.
DA Pirro has delivered thousands of petitions from New Yorkers to the Assembly leadership, who allowed this bill to languish in committee for five consecutive legislative sessions, urging passage of this important legislation.
Far too many of our county's children who needed the stable nurturing of family love were bounced between multiple foster placements and group homes that did not meet their needs, then effectively abandoned by the system, consigned to languish in psychiatric hospitals and congregate in facilities like the infamous MacLaren Children's Center under deplorable conditions.
But middle and high school test scores continue to languish.