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The two concerts will consist of Ludwig van Beethoven's Coriolan overture, Robert Schumann's violin concerto in D minor, WoO23, which ranges in mood from stormy to languorous and whimsical.
Impressive material such as If I Believe You, a tender, soul-baring confession with languorous sax solo, is swamped with such loopy indulgences as on Lostmyhead.
According to Wilson, "Modigliani started off by exhibiting his painting "The Jewess" in the Salon des Independents in 1919 but quickly moved on to languorous nudes and alluring long-necked women.
We have languorous alfresco meals in small restaurants and cafes; Dubrovnik's cuisine has a noticeable Italian influence: risotto and pizza are local favourites, while olive oil and garlic feature heavily.
That your buttocks, your languorous buttocks, be as peasants'
This time, Nossiter's approach is less an immersive expose and more a series of languorous conversations with the subjects, as they talk about the ways in which they're trying to resist this rapid modernization.
Taking one of the oldest lullabies written for a king at his birth, from Southern India, the poetry is explored to the accompaniment of languorous dance and lifting music.
In Debussy's Syrinx her tone was lithe and sinuous matching the composer's languorous music, becoming ripe and fulsome in Michel Legrand's soupily romantic La Valse de Lilas.
Ramadi / NINA / Chairman of the provincial council in Anbar Sabah Karhut described MPs for the province of Anbar as languorous.
Summary: Of all the musics performed in this town, it is arguably jazz that most needs the languorous inhalation of cigarette smoke by players onlookers alike.
Mathias Dingman wrings maximum show-stealing return from his role as the Prince's pimpish sidekick while his two good-time girls, Angela Paul and Laetitia Lo Sardo, provide a welcome lift to the languorous pace of the opening act.
Meanwhile, languorous camels and a disgruntled Genie of the Lamp are conjured up by puppet makers Austin Mitchell Hewitt and Katy-Anne Bellis, of Liverpool-based Puppet Pool.