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When Maggie ravaged the heavy industries of the South Wales valleys through to the warmongering Tony Blair the lap dog to George Bush.
The reality is that he is a lap dog appeasing a room of 80 backbench Tories MPs.
Each of these has a common thread--the Legislature and governor want a lap dog judiciary.
She's besotted with Oscar and although nothing's happened between them she's following him around like a lap dog and loving the time she's spending with him.
He is a bit older, and so he is a mellow, loving lap dog that likes cats and other dogs, too.
And Paul Krekorian could be great if he refuses to roll over and be a lap dog for the very special interests who tried to defeat him.
There are three kinds of dogs: the lap dog, the attack dog, and the watchdog.
The Lap Dog: The blind supporter of any suggestion offered by the biggest wig at the table, the Lap Dog takes all his cues from the boss and generally will only look in her direction, often with a longing that's uncomfortable for everyone.
His mother clutches a lap dog (the perpetual baby), has 'fainting' spells, keeps a tight reign over everyone and presides over the ritual Sunday lunch, which the extended family attends.
Louis on the other hand reminds me of a little lap dog.
By applying a structural Marxist analysis of postmodernism the authors conclude that, in fact, postmodernism has really functioned as Neo-Liberalism's lap dog than as an effective political force.
We have two daughters, 9 and 5, and a 90-pound golden retriever who fancies himself a lap dog.