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Male: Female ratio in our study undergoing laparotomy was 4: 1.
Table 2 compares the rates of temporary abdominal closure (open abdomen) at initial laparotomy and open sheath after last repeat laparotomy (at discharge or death) in relation to the number of repeat laparotomies needed per patient.
The laparotomy group required more blood transfusions (mainly commenced intraoperatively), and the postoperative Hb levels suggest that these transfusions were appropriate.
In such cases, diagnostic laparoscopy followed by laparotomy can be considered a better option.
A total of 300 patients undergoing midline laparotomy were selected and subjected to the two different methods of abdominal closure i.
To investigate whether coffee consumption accelerates recovery of bowel function following surgery, Gungorduk and colleagues conducted a randomized controlled trial of coffee consumption after laparotomy with hysterectomy and staging for patients with gynecologic malignancies.
The increasing number of laparotomy procedures is due to increased prevalence of intestinal diseases.
In this case, we opted for laparotomy as we did not know what we are dealing with.
The treatment of spontaneously ruptured pyometra is emergency laparotomy, peritoneal lavage and drainage, and hysterectomy.
The good news is that the majority of respondents have not converted to laparotomy.
Patient symptoms were not relieved in spite of the investigation and treatment; hence, emergency life-saving laparotomy was performed with proper precautions.