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Lapsus Music supremos Supernova feature as they showcase the Lapsus Music sound.
RUNGS THE TUNNELS A blend of members FROMTAWFAWW,Project: Venhell and Lapsus Linguae play in-your-face sounds.
Mathews (1930: 808) invented many English names for birds out of flights of fancy and called Ciridops anna "White-naped Mano," which was a lapsus for 'mamo,' a name that he also applied to Palmeria dolei ("Crowned Mamo"), although no Hawaiian had ever referred to either species as a 'mamo.
Il lapsus, o equivoco, di Spino sul nome di Duino/Luino diventa la scusa per riferirsi a una poesia del poeta tedesco Rainer Maria Rilke, a lui molto caro, in cui parla del padre che aveva perso.
Le lapsus << antipometriques >> (anti, a la place de anthropos << qui s'oppose a l'homme >>) condense a lui seul on ne peut mieux la deshumanisation et chosification qui caracterisent le traitement des Tsiganes a travers ces carnets.
Was it too obvious to be mentioned, a lapsus mentis, or did Aquinas have some reservation about using that term?
The liberal arts, the focus of chapter 2, are "certain roads along which homo lapsus sets out on his journey toward divine Wisdom and eternal beatitude" (73).
Et la derniere mais non la moindre, dont il est lui-meme l'auteur, la decouverte de l'inconscient, qui ruine la maitrise que nous croyons avoir sur nous-meme : reves, lapsus, actes manques et oublis temoignent a foison qu'un inconnu regne dans la maison.
De tels actes manques, au nombre desquels Freud compte des cas d'oubli, de lapsus linguae, d'erreur de lecture, de lapsus calami, de meprise de l'action et ce qu'il appelle des actes accidentels, sont les indices qui revelent que le texte defectueux exprime et dissimule a la fois des illusions de l'auteur sur lui-meme (Selbsttauschung).
According to Angelov, the amount of EUR 200 M, which Rasmussen gave, might be just a lapsus, but the difference is not much considering the NATO budget and the fact the sum will be divided among 28 countries in the next 10 to 12 years.
Lapsus de la nation, elles appartiennent a une << nation imaginee >> en leur absence comme dirait Benedict Anderson (2002 : 145).