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There was a building to which the grease was piped, and made into soap and lard; and then there was a factory for making lard cans, and another for making soap boxes.
He also brought a great ball of lard from what they had in the house, and the suitors warmed the bow and again made trial of it, but they were none of them nearly strong enough to string it.
Cheese, butter, firewood, soap, pickles, matches, bacon, table-beer, peg-tops, sweetmeats, boys' kites, bird-seed, cold ham, birch brooms, hearth- stones, salt, vinegar, blacking, red-herrings, stationery, lard, mushroom-ketchup, staylaces, loaves of bread, shuttlecocks, eggs, and slate pencil; everything was fish that came to the net of this greedy little shop, and all articles were in its net.
Bixiou took it into his head on one of the hottest of dog- days to put a layer of lard under the lining of a certain old hat which Poiret junior (he was, by the bye, fifty-two years old) had worn for the last nine years.
The next day Poiret appeared at the office with another hat, lent by Monsieur Tournan while a new one was making; but he did not sleep that night until he had added the following sentence to the preceding entries in his journal: "It is asserted that my hat contained lard, the fat of a pig.
It was, as I remember it, a lard pail, very wide across the top, and without a cover.
Lard and sulphur on his paws would be of no use, nor would any visit to Peg Bowen avail.
Put the black treacle, golden syrup, butter and lard into a saucepan and heat gently until melted.
Very few respondents, less than five per cent, use butter and lard.
In contrast, heating up butter, olive oil and lard produced much lower levels of aldehydes.
Dice the lard and put it in a pan with the water, gently heat.
Make sure the lard is at room temperature so it's pliable.