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It's rightly a must-see sight, but for me the highlight of the Lares adventure were the people I'd met along the way and my glimpse into their living culture.
El armamento para 9 mil independentistas puertorriquenos que nunca llego, fue desviado para la Republica Dominicana, Haiti y Cuba, en donde ayudo a los primeros a impedir que fuesen anexionados a Estados Unidos y, a Cuba, en su guerra independentista, gesta epica que duro 30 anos y en la que muchos insurrectos de Lares derramaron de igual a igual con los cubanos, lagrimas sudor y sangre.
At the executive session after the general business meeting, the following were present: Tom Luxon (President), Labriola (Secretary), Lares (Treasurer), and the following members of the Executive Committee: Ken Hiltner, Rachel Trubowitz, Nigel Smith, David Ainsworth.
It will want to keep Champions League exclusivity," says Lares.
Stojkov points to Rainer Maria Rilke's collection An Offering to the Lares (1897) as the starting point for poetry of the lares.
The age's dominant discursive form of preaching could not have helped but directly shape the poet's works, Lares writes; and while Milton had abandoned his own earlier ministerial training -- of which rhetoric and the verbal arts were an intense part -- the abandonment came late, thus insuring that "the idea of the ministry continued to play a role in his imagination and poetics" (28).
Before considering how homiletic rhetoric influenced Milton, Lares thinks it important to consider Milton's biography as it relates to his early intention to become a minister.
Toronto's Elgin Theatre had an early LARES (Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System) installation from Lares Associates of Belmont, Mass.
On September 17, Hugo's eye passed over northeastern Puerto Rico, leaving widespread destruction in that area but never touching the island's coffee-growing region, which is centered in the town of Lares.
Walmart purchased 125,000 pounds of onions from farmer Carlos Gonzalez of Guanica and another 125,000 pounds from farmer Eddie Noel Torres of Santa Isabel, and 160,000 pounds of oranges from Felipe Ozonas of Hacienda La Balear in Lares.
Lares Research has introduced the new Lares Max-Power LED Swivel Coupler which, according to the manufacturer, provides light output 100 percent greater than the closest competitor's coupler.
EXHIBITIONS Frank Green, Liverpool Academy of Arts, until April 7; Storyville: Rachael Howard and Melanie Tomlinson, Bluecoat Display Centre, until May 7; Airports for the Lights, Shadows and Particles, The Bluecoat, until May 1; Doug Jones: Lares et Penates, Ceri Hand, until March 19; Arts by Offenders and Secure Patients, Novas CUC, until March 27; Sequential by Alan Redfern, Corke Gallery, until March 19; Contemporary British Silversmiths, The Capstone, until May 6; Paintings by Susan Lee Brown, Dot Art, until April 29; Design Research Unit 1942-72, LJMU The Academy, until April 1; Historic Love - paintings by David Knopov, The Quarter; 42 Women of Sierra Leone, International Slavery Museum, until April 12; Old Master Drawings, Lady Lever Gallery, until May 2.