large undertaking

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The additions to the number of 'episodes' or acts, and the other accessories of which tradition; tells, must be taken as already described; for to discuss them in detail would, doubtless, be a large undertaking.
It's a large undertaking to ensure children everywhere have access to needed vaccines to remain healthy," said Jackie Kaufman, Executive Director of Vaccine Ambassadors.
They say that adding two extra floors and extending the property to the rear is a large undertaking in a scenic area and that the building is also out of keeping with the conservation area.
In bringing together the complexities of such a large undertaking, JTSO has been focused on the 20 specified tasks given to them by the JIE executive committee through its JIE management construct.
It's always a precarious business to attempt such a large undertaking, but it points to the confidence, the expertise and the creative spirit of the people of Wales and I hope it can help the country come closer to realising its hopes for the future.
There are a lot of large culverts around, but the Rock Street Tunnel, it was a pretty large undertaking," he said.
There was specific mention of a large undertaking in producing biogas for heat and electricity generation in an anaerobic digester using tomato plant residues and other biomass by a market gardener in Worcestershire - Springhill Farm.
Claudia O'Malley, a biologist for the state's mosquito control division agreed, stating ridding the state of the potentially deadly bugs is a large undertaking.
Akoya is indeed a large undertaking for Damac who have specialised in upscale mid- and high-rise apartment towers thus far.
Many businesses could go under with this large undertaking - they really could - and we don't want to be one of those.
A spokesperson from a local company, Glanbia Cheese, welcomed the introduction of the scheme: "Taking on a full-time apprentice in these uncertain times can be a large undertaking.
Abraham Byandala, Uganda's Minister of Works and Transport, had a large undertaking when tackling the infrastructure and construction challenges of Uganda.

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