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The Largess Restaurant has been established to serve the people in a remarkable way.
Largess invited Yaritza Roman, who works at the Mexicana Mini Market on Millbury Street, and her baby daughter, Mia Diaz, to hop on for a ride.
I told the team that we needed to win the first two minutes of each quarter, and make Doherty call a timeout," Largess said.
I challenged her before the game to go out and play a full game because there are spurts where she looks like an All-American and there are other spurts where she shows she is just a sophomore, and I have to keep that in my mind," Largess said, "but I challenged her to play a full 32 minutes tonight and I thought she did a really good job doing that.
It was about bouncing back and coming out strong and being confident," Largess said.
Jane has been successful because she's mentally prepared and has committed herself to doing what's necessary to become a better player," Shrewsbury coach Erin Largess said.
Largess the Alumni Nation Achievement Award, thanked him for his many contributions to Shrewsbury's schools and students, and wished him well in retirement.
Largess was in fourth grade, he had already begun thinking about becoming a teacher.
high school basketball tournaments got into full swing in early March, Shrewsbury High girls' coach Erin Largess watched as a slew of heavily favored teams were upset.