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Our filly, Chilly Cracker, was her sire's first winner and, good to his word, Henry has rewarded us with the pounds 2,000 bonus he posted as available to the first Largesse winner.
Despite the city's longtime largesse, Nederlander would only agree to make the improvements if it got a five-year extension.
1 Abject Art If abject art wasn't exactly the miserable stepchild of a market fallen on hard times, its various forms nevertheless found a perversely suitable terrain on which to thrive as we witnessed the overnight disappearance of an art scene that had hitherto nurtured scores of art students on dreams of '80s largesse.
It defies history and common sense to argue that the recipient of largesse can forever restrict the terms of the giver.
She is survived by her children Maryann Goebel, Judy Largesse, Steve J.
Apparently it holds 33 people and for a bank just bailed by the Irish government to the tune of EUR4billion, such largesse would not look good.
I find it difficult to imagine how the programme researchers find the people who will benefit from the millionaire's largesse.
However, amidst this largesse of talent, Comfort's choreography seemed threadbare.
LARGESSE, the doughty competitor who won eight of his 32 races over five seasons, faces another tough battle at the ripe old age of ten.
Under the terms of their unwritten agreement, he offered one-half of the largesse to his longtime friend.
If they're prepared to exonerate people that accept the largesse of the bidding city to the tune of $60,000, obviously Salt Lake City (bidders) weren't doing that because they love Phil Coles .
He was as free with his money as with his art, and many a less successful artist benefited from his largesse.