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For the Larghetto of RV 580, a concerto for four violins officially labeled RV 580 but better known as the concerto op.
Barenboim's pianism is subtly coloured and his pearly delivery of the Second Concerto's Larghetto is telling.
There's not much textural clarity in Schumann's endearingly well-meaning Spring Symphony, but many memorable ideas, not least in the gorgeous larghetto.
The larghetto of Elgar's Serenade for Strings was ender and yearning.
180: Largo, larghetto, adagio, andante, moderato, allegro, presto, prestissimo (eight metronomes ticking away noisily at different tempo settings).
5 opens with an austere Larghetto in F minor that eventually gives way to an F-major Allegro, which starts with a transformation of the Larghetto's most memorable phrase.
The opening movement was incisive, the larghetto appropriately elegiac, the rondo crackling, the nostalgic finale so naturally shaped, with its perfectly-judged Tristanesque ending.
It would have been good to spend a couple of sentences spelling out what the problem is, but turning to the realization, it soon becomes apparent that in the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]-major Larghetto of the fourth quartet (in G minor), for example, the note D is avoided if it coincides with the flute's F.
The real magic came in the central two movements as Shelley and his players raised goosebumps with the eloquence of the Larghetto, switching gear flawlessly for a forthright Scherzo.
The second and third versions have in common a three-page cadenza that Liszt inserted between the larghetto and allegro parts of the song.
In the slow movements, Bebbington really shows his interpretative mettle, never forcing the pace in the deliciously languid Larghetto of K413, and bringing a serene gravity to the soulful Andante of the A major work, K414.
Larghetto et allegretto, pour flute ou clarinette et guitare.