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The WYDGET was also the catalyst for an extremely strong commercial outcome for the licensing program providing funds to support the success of the event," added Larum.
The Middlesbrough College student is a member of the United Styles Karate Academy club which trains at Nunthorpe Academy under second dan black belt Glennis Larum.
CURRENT FAVOURITE ALBUM: Johnny Flynn And The Sussex Wit - A Larum.
That the Chamberlain's Men were staging Thomas Lord Cromwell as a new play and reviving A Larum for London at the same time as Hamlet was being rehearsed gives a hint of what lies ahead
Other Words: anele--anoint, W3; asyla--asylums, W2; dedal (daedal)--skillful, W3; deied--o died, P; desyl--organic radical, W3; drook (drouk)--d soak, W3; drows--d mists, W3; edile (aedile)--Roman all-purpose municipal official, W3; emony--d anemone, W3; enols--organic compounds, W3; esnes--Anglo-Saxon laborers, W3; evet (eft)--d newt, W2; idedi--Akkadian angels, P; laets--Kentish freedmen, W3; Iapon--scorpion fish, W2; larum (alarum)--alarm, W3; leets--civil courts, W3; lysed--dissolved, W3; nerol--alcohol used in perfumes, W3; neven--to name, o, W2; nikin--a natural or very soft creature, P; nopal--prickly pear cactus, W3; orter--d rejector W2;
These figures support the Larum and Beggs (1989) contention that higher levels of part-time employment have been concentrated among secondary students, resulting in the positive income effect discussed above (see also Ashenden, 1990).