lash back

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Nebraska didn't feature the driving saxophone or soaring guitars of the E Street Band; its sparse, acoustic instrumentation and stark portrayals of desperate characters poised to lash back seemed uncharacteristically dark for the star who gave us "Thunder Road.
Reverse gear: Kiefer's cap doesn't help him; Band aid: Roger gets head start in his match; Blink and you'll miss it: Federer notched up serves of 129mph and higher on his way to victory; Quick-fire delivery from the Fed express: Reigning champ Roger Federer prepares to lash back at German Nicolas Kiefer on his way to fourth round yesterday; Just Nic-ked it: Nicolas Kiefer celebrates taking a set of the champion - his first dropped all week
Of course Brit had to lash back with some comment about the girl not being a particularly attractive look-a-like, or something along those lines.
I have seen nurses and nursing assistants (bless them) kicked, bitten, slapped, had hair pulled, fingers and wrists twisted, and never lash back.
Williams intentionally tried to provoke Connally, to get him to lash back.
Cosmic strings can lash back and forth at nearly the speed of light, for instance, whereas string-like defects in liquid crystals move as if they were immersed in molasses.
He was the first African-American to integrate the major leagues and for two years agreed not to lash back at those who harassed him.
The French have made a mistake in scheduling this game and it could lash back on them.