last minute

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Marriott International Inc (NYSE: MAR), a US-based company that owns and operates hotel properties, has announced last minute weekend rates from TownePlace Suites San Antonio Downtown hotel, in San Antonia, US.
Carl Sexton, director of marketing for Ohio-based Johnsonite, warns that waiting to the last minute could put a strain on every part of the supply and labor chain.
Last minute holidays are one thing, however there still hasn't been a website developed to sort out last minute holiday romances You know, that point in the trip when it gets to your final night abroad and you realise you haven't copped off with one of the locals yet.
6pc) of this last minute Christmas shopping will be on credit cards, with some 3.
8 million will put all their last minute spending on their plastic.
This issue brings to mind the title of American writer Grace Paley's brilliant short story collection, Enormous Changes at the Last Minute.
For example, if you're not happy with a printing, you can cancel the mailing at the last minute, taking the money out that you had for the aborted mailing.
We were leading 2-1 in normal time when they equalised in the last minute.
Shoppers are expected to reach peak levels of pre-Christmas stress this weekend, with one in three planning to leave all their present buying to the last minute, according to a survey.
Although these Medicare patients could demand that everything possible be done to extend their lives until the last minute, polls and studies indicate that more than two-thirds would use the living wills to reject both heroic measures and more standard forms of last-minute care.
Fully one-third of leisure travelers embarked on a last minute trip last year, according to the 2008 Ypartnership/Yankelovich National Leisure Travel MONITOR, revealing a sizeable necessity for impulse vacations by today's traveling public.
Those that wait until the last minute need to look no further than the more than 230 Lands' End Shops at Sears and stand-alone Lands' End retail locations.