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The exceptionally low prices are only possible because of the company's focus on the last-minute segment.
8220;As an online business specializing in last-minute travel, we are particularly well-positioned as consumers continue to shift to a shorter booking window,” says Robert.
With Last-Minute Deals, you can get the best deals available by letting everyone else do your research for you.
She said that perhaps there are more last-minute shoppers these days because the stressed economy has forced consumers to stretch their incomes to pay for the holiday.
The resulting calls for last-minute envelope stuffers and stamp lickers are irritating for two reasons.
Hendrie experienced more last-minute Scottish Cup heartbreak in his first season with the Buddies.
Although these Medicare patients could demand that everything possible be done to extend their lives until the last minute, polls and studies indicate that more than two-thirds would use the living wills to reject both heroic measures and more standard forms of last-minute care.
He said he wouldn't speculate on legal challenges that might result from the last-minute change.
com, a leader in online and mobile travel, and part of The Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN), last-minute getaways are the favored trip type for the new year, and young Americans aren't afraid to open their wallets wide for that "special" vacation.
CheapflightsOs top 10 tips for finding last-minute family travel deals The family travel experts at Cheapflights have compiled a list of Top 10 Tips for Finding Last-Minute Family Travel Deals to help you find room in your travel budget for one last summer getaway.
The hotel is offering its Last-Minute Weekends rates, commencing at USD159 per night for a two-night weekend stay.
Get the best table and avoid looking like the last-minute guest sat next to the draughty door.