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This successful, lastingly stable, implantation of neurons raises hope for future therapies that will replace sick neurons with healthy ones in the brains of Parkinson's disease patients, for example.
Other firms utilize technology that lastingly turns off CAR-T drugs using what is known as a suicide gene .
She actively advertised this programming to special education teachers, extolling the benefits of handling real specimens and artifacts for differently abled students: "Slow learners are quickly and lastingly impressed by the weight of a suit of chain mail once worn by a bold knight.
He said "No nation's security and well-being can be lastingly achieved in isolation, but only in effective cooperation with fellow nations.
Yet here is Belloc, writing in 1924, full of love for everything that is best in civic America; Belloc, at least as lastingly respected by American readers as by his compatriots; Belloc, willing to credit whatever the locals tell him about "a city upon a hill"; Belloc, free from the spasms of vulgar English provincialism which periodically gripped even a co-religionist such as Evelyn Waugh; Belloc the unremitting Teutonophobe; Belloc, who, by every canon of modern logic--such as it is--should have been an Atlanticist on steroids.
Omegalight is a comprehensive, non-aggressive new solution to lastingly brighten the complexion and lighten pigment spots after just 28 days, both on the surface and at the deepest levels, while also preventing the appearance of spots thanks to its lipophilic and anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to regulate melanogenesis from the nucleus through to melanin production.
The time of Christians' defeats in terms of the republic presidency has gone lastingly," he corroborated.
The Fed's return to positive real interest rates had a decisive impact on lastingly changing U.
Only with real reform in Iran, real pluralism, and a government genuinely more committed to solving domestic problems than causing international ones, can the situation truly be altered and tensions truly and lastingly begin to abate.
Nonetheless, the transition to an investment narrative driven more by growth than liquidity may be bumpy for a while, and the relative performance of regions and sectors may shift subtly, and more lastingly.
My research team recently discovered that when we randomly assign one group of people to learn new ways to create more micro-moments of love in daily life, we lastingly improve the functioning of the vagus nerve, a key conduit that connects your brain to your heart.
Spinal cord injury is one of the most devastating incidents that can occur to an individual as it results in life being suddenly and long lastingly changed.