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Types of risks accepted: Commercial children's daycare centers, in-home (family) children's daycare centers, children's camps, Head Start programs, nursery schools, latchkey programs, foster care homes, mental health clinics, drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics, family counseling clinics, sheltered workshops, adoption agencies, homeless shelters.
Unlike the three previous at-risk types described in this paper, the numbers of latchkey children seem to be just as great among parents with high incomes, high levels of education, with high levels of employment.
Although homework programs help latchkey children, Brewer comments that: "It is ironic that with the continuing `problem' of latchkey children, so many libraries have reference policies that discriminate against homework questions" (p.
Parents of latchkey children are especially concerned with their offspring's safety and exposure to dangers, both inside and outside the home.
Mothers reported more hyperactivity and misbehavior among the 28 latchkey children than among youngsters returning to a parent or another adult after school.
The Grant will be used to provide meals to children in the agency's Latchkey Children's Project.
Data collected from over 2,100 parents of eighth grade students found that latchkey children were twice as likely to try at least one of these substances than similar children who had adult supervision after school.
While this might not concern those who have empty homes during this time each day, parents with latchkey kids might be more alarmed to hear this fact.
Now, the Video Doormana System has been enhanced with several new features, including forced entry notification, door ajar notification and latchkey child notification to parents when their children come home from school.
is a great survival guide for active, intelligent kids ages 8-18 who just might benefit from some latchkey hungry filler skills.
ERIC Descriptors: After School Programs; City Government; Partnerships in Education; Latchkey Children; School Community Programs; School Community Relationship; Educational Quality; Program Improvement; Change Strategies; Community Involvement; Family Work Relationship; Government Role; Community Resources; Community Coordination; Stakeholders; Educational Needs; Outreach Programs; Guidelines
Or hold parents who work long hours and come home to latchkey kids, or allow their kids to spend all day in a day-care facility being raised by strangers, accountable for neglecting the social, emotional and intellectual needs of their children?