latent power

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And as I watched him I felt in my own being, in my very muscles themselves, the surge and thrill of desire to go leaping from bough to bough; and I felt also the guarantee of the latent power in that being and in those muscles of mine.
Unrelated men give little joy to each other, will never suspect the latent powers of each.
Summoning a latent power, At this sleep-inducing hour, Senses weakened start to flower, Focused on the positive.
There is a latent power struggle between PM Haidar al-Abadi, a Western-educated electrical engineer from a prominent Shi'ite family of Baghdad from the Abada branch of the huge Arab confederation of mostly-Sunni Anaza tribes, and his predecessor Nuri al-Maleki who served two terms as Iraq's PM from May 2006 to September 2014.
The young person is discovering a latent power inside himself that is ready to be manifested.
Recognising the latent power in the regions (and especially in the Birmingham city region), Lord Heseltine launched his review in Birmingham Town Hall in October calling for cities to have more powers.
We retained the bones of the story of the original novel but focused our thriller on the latent power of the military-industrial complex and global corporate capitalism as new threats to democracy.
Over the past few years, healthcare has come to recognize the latent power buried in the healthcare data residing in disparate systems," said Siva Namasivayam, CEO, SCIO Health Analytics.
Latent power or mechanical problems with cooling units has caused significant downtime and been a significant contributor to data center energy waste.
THE TUC demonstration on Saturday reflects the enormous strength and latent power of the working class as around 250,000 marched through the streets of London in protest at the swingeing cuts carried out by the millionaires and their wealthy backers in this Tory/Lib Dem government.
The rst few hours are spent in Scarlett's village, as she busies herself with fetch quests, learns combat moves and discovers a latent power deep within her soul.
As ever though, latent power is just as important and impressive and the choral singers were given every opportunity to display vocal control, not least in the opening section of the Requiem in which conductor Vasily Petrenko and his Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra summoned double pianissimos that were barely a whisper.