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She believes MS and bipolar are possibly both caused by a latent virus in the brain.
20,21] Despite the presence of latent virus within these neurons, little morphologic change and no inflammatory response has been noted during latency.
Since HPVs can establish latent subclinical infections in the human host, many HPV infections in immunocompromised individuals likely represent re-activation of latent virus that may have been acquired early in life.
Most of us who have had chickenpox (which includes some 90 percent of American adults) are totally unaware of the presence of VZV--until many years later, when the latent virus may come to life, as it does in about 20 percent of persons who had childhood chickenpox.
Where possible, a waiting period for the latent virus to develop should be observed.
Siliciano and colleagues observed that infected T cells survived after the latent virus was reactivated.