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However, the maximum interface shear stress magnitude on lateral region for the optimal shape model is decreased by 4% compared to the initial model.
3D) subdivided into: a) central region, with well developed median dorsal groove that likely accommodates an ectophallic evagination (observed in one specimen); with sparse setae, but not as frequent as in dorsal lobe and in lateral lobes; and with two small, lateral projections; and b) lateral region, with two small subcylindrical lobes, one on each side of central region; wrinkled, without visible setae on its surface.
Color in life: Dorsum green yellowish, lateral region silvery-blue and ventral region of the body silvery-white.
The ciliary band nerve had up to 5 fibers across its width at the larval apex and 2-3 fibers in the lateral region (Fig.
A 7-year-old female dog presented at the Veterinary Hospital of the Federal Rural University of Pernambuco (UFRPE) with a neoplasm on the left lateral region of the face, with a reported evolution of 6 months, measuring approximately 10cm in diameter, with a solid consistency on palpation, pedunculated, and with ulcerated areas.
Hence, a loading condition of 2400 N (BW 80 kg) is applied on the proximal region which is splitted into 60 % (1470 N) of weight in the medial region and 40 % (980 N) in the lateral region of the model.