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Familial transposition of the great arteries caused by multiple mutations in laterality genes.
The laterality and lyricism of this tableau was singular, nothing like depictions of similar subjects by other artists in the exhibition, in which female political actors were always pictorially subordinated to male authority figures--especially Lenin and Stalin--in line with the return to gender and status hierarchy that characterized Stalinism from the mid-1930s on.
In summary, among the three types of data on anatomic location, the results for laterality of phone use are the least interpretable.
Speech/auditory--to improve visualisation, sequencing, laterality, and developing ideas/concepts
1,052 patients with status, tumor type, size, (2008) malignant astrocytoma (WHO location, and laterality grade III or IV); and treatment modalities theoretical framework not identified Giovagnoli Cross-sectional study of 57 Age, gender, marital (1999) patients with primary status, education, malignant brain tumor; cognitive functioning, biopsychosocial framework and work performance, QOL, tumor duration, type, and location Giovagnoli Cross-sectional study of 94 Age, gender, marital et al.
Hands flap when running Poor fine motor skills - difficulty in holding a pencil or using scissors - and drawings may appear immature Lack of imaginative play Isolation within the peer group Laterality (left or right-handedness) still not established Persistent language difficulties Limited response to verbal instruction.
The world's laterality with respect to intellectual possession is equally laterality in relation to a factual contact, in such a manner that the world's transcendence is not reducible to the position of a transcendent.
Next, they conducted a medical chart review to assess tumor characteristics (size, nodal status, laterality, grade, and ER/PR status) and treatments (chemotherapy, tamoxifen, surgery, radiotherapy, and oophorectomy).
The previous reports indicated that the asymmetry in the temporal lobe of the human brain might be related to laterality of the hippocampus (3,4).
It also looks at laterality disturbances; conditions specific to body systems; psychological symptoms; pregnancy and childbirth; obesity; and pain.
cortical pathways, laterality, or the limbic system.
She then reviews the findings of current research on perception and cognition, memory processing, laterality, left brain-right brain distinctions, neurological and psychiatric disorders, and the role hormones may play in treating those disorders.